Thousands Attending Ilford Exhibition

Alhamdullilah the Know Muhammad exhibition has kicked off at the Ilford Exchange, where we will be until next Sunday 11th August.

Lots to see and do. From ancient Quranic manuscripts, detailed interactive models of Madinah at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and Makkah at the time of Ibrahim (as), a timeline of the Prophet’s life and posters galore about all aspects of his life and mission. For children Eid card making and tajweed advice from a brilliant young qari. Books, T shirts, gifts. Talk to a revert, see the Prophet’s house in 3D, video presentations, live talks on the seerah- it goes on and on…

Come down and meet the local KM volunteers, and become an active part of the campaign yourself. Perhaps you have a non-muslim colleague or neighbour to bring along?


  1. I think this is right and dynamic way of represent Islam to all !

  2. Masha Allah, a well organised event. Have heard about this from many places, even in Manchester. Great efforts brothers, may Allah reward you.

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