Why do Muslim women wear Hijab?

In this video Ayesha Ansari explains why Muslim women choose to adhere to an Islamic dress code and addresses many common misconceptions about women and Islam.

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  1. Dear sister

    I would like to know currently ha jab styles which change different countries different levels is promote Muslim communities and supports their family members and washing also taking by them but this is harm for all. our writing and oral explanation working well which could be process and need to identify results. other religious learn benefits but here no ways by new innovative reason wearing create violence too. ha jab wearing is a right each Muslim women and girls and we need to translate how to handover each women their rights for improving their well-being. each Muslim girls and women know benefits and knowledge of ha jab but neglect little but too. i feel our community leaders verbal discussion too and lack of technical improvements on action ( through my observation) to look for changes by action. SriLanka communities take verbal communication but no improvements but little change which may improve harm.

    no more like this situation which can little but this situation initiate process here. I look for reducing gender based violence through hajab approach.

    Please giving your interest look for changes.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum,

    I think the main and real reason why women wear hijab is because Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala said so in the Holy Quran Surah Al-Ahzab ayat number 59.

    Allah HafiZ.

  3. Assalamw alaikom,
    dear sister,
    i have decided to wear hijab and i talked about that to my teacher which is a non muslim,
    can you please give me some advices to explain to her and to my school mates ( they are non muslims too because i leave in Italy) the reason why muslims wear hijab and try to convince them that hijab is a good thing..

  4. thanks , it is very true facts, we ask Allah to show the truth to all our women in Islam

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