Why People Don’t Believe?

Why is religion feared?

In simple terms – several centuries ago, the clergy and the aristocracy used the powers of the Christian Church to manipulate the common people into accepting a miserable life for most people and a privileged life for the few.

A familiar state of affairs, you may think, though it’s no longer the Church doing the manipulating!

It is because of this abuse of power that today religion is feared as potentially recreating the tyranny of the past.

Why has religion become a joke?

Religion became a joke primarily due to political and historical reasons related to the abuse of Christianity. The intellectual arguments provided were incomplete and tended to avoid the issues being questioned.

The Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th Century was a cultural movement that, amongst other things, moved to overthrow the oppression by the church and the nobility. The movement was successful to some extent – but at a price.

In order to undermine church oppression – and the traditional ideas that were used by the Church to maintain their power – religious beliefs, the concept of God and the use of reason itself were all undermined.

With these traditional ideas (which had once been things people were certain of) gone, the only thing people were allowed to be certain of was that there are no fixed truths in life. So, any intellectual questioning about the origin of the Universe was sidelined.

Ultimately, today’s atmosphere developed such that religion and those talking about religion aren’t taken seriously.

How certain can you be about anything?

You can tell from someone’s behaviour what they are and aren’t certain about. However much someone says that you can’t be 100% sure that fire exists – you can be 100% sure that he or she isn’t going to put his hand on a hot stove and leave it there!

We live our lives being certain enough about some things in the physical world. Fire burns, so we don’t touch it. Cause leads to effect. Something can’t come out of nothing. If we didn’t believe in these things and more, we would be paralysed into inaction or burned by going against the evidence before us. Our minds and ANY arguments our minds produce rely on these things being certain.

Is religion irrational?

This depends on the arguments used. Certainly, there are many irrational arguments forwarded for various religions – just as there are many irrational arguments for atheism e.g. the universe simply popped into existence from nothing, without a cause!

But there is a rational argument for the existence of a Creator.

What is the intellectual proof for the existence of a Creator?

We have a companion leaflet titled ‘Does believing in a Creator make sense?’ which takes as its basis those observable things that wouldn’t be disputed by sane people. It has never been successfully intellectually refuted and it is not complicated.

Is there a clash between science and religion?

There shouldn’t be. Science examines how observable things might work by experimentation. It can’t explore how the universe came into existence from nothing (try doing an experiment on “nothing”). It can’t explore the meaning of life or the nature of human consciousness. Science is one part of an intellectual toolkit that includes our general powers of reasoning – without which scientific reasoning couldn’t exist.

What if the universe that the Creator has created is full of evil things we don’t like?

There are many people whose questioning of the belief in a Creator stops when they decide they don’t like the kind of world that the Creator has made. Not liking something is not an intellectual reason to stop believing in their existence. If some of us don’t like the world then a more intellectual approach would be to attempt to find out whether the Creator explains why the world is as it is. Whether or not we choose to like it, the Universe and the Creator exist.

What makes Islam different to other religions?

Islam demands intellectual acceptance as a basis for belief from its followers rather than emotional faith. That means that being a Muslim because your parents were Muslim or because you like the rituals or because you had an out of body experience is NOT acceptable as a basis for belief. It is more intellectual than any other religion in this respect.

Is that really what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did?

Absolutely! He directed people to use their senses and their intellect, the same thing the Quran directed people to do.

Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and earth, and the alternation of the night and the day, and the [great] ships which sail through the sea with that which benefits people, and what Allah has sent down from the heavens of rain, giving life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness and dispersing therein every [kind of] moving creature, and [His] directing of the winds and the clouds controlled between the heaven and the earth are signs for a people who use reason.

[Translation of Quran 2:164]

Isn’t it time you knew more about Muhammad?
(Peace be upon him)


  1. Excellent

  2. Mashallah. An excellent summary of the reasons behind why people in the West seem so insistent upon not accepting belief. Their history of Church and State has had a great impact on how they view religion.

  3. Really good topic, the introduction has been well writtenhowever the article seems to come to an end abruptly, without proper explanation and conclusion.

  4. Coming to know about Muhammad(PBUH) is all well and good but it doesn’t change our human condition. Our human condition of rebellion against the Sovereign God. Can I man change his ways? Can imperfection become pure? No – only through salvation in Jesus’ name. Jesus came to save – Muhammad(PBUH) came to show a way to slavery. Following Pillars brings down burden – Jesus lifts the lowly and places them as brothers and sisters in God’s house, through his sacrifice and resurrection. What a privilege to be accepted by God Most High!

    • Apparently you haven’t read the article. It stated that Islam is based around intellectual thinking and reasoning with knowledge as a basis for belief. But – as you have proven yourself in your post – you have not taken the time to study to get your facts right as Islam introduced a system to abolish slavery in time.

      Jesus is a prophet of God, no more; no less. Please use your reason instead of blind emotional faith that leads you to this oversimplified notion of salvation.

    • Sorry Andrew but Jesus(as) it is said in Qur’an will testify against you on the day of judgment for putting words into his mouth He did not utter. There will be no salvation unless it comes through the Creators(swT)mercy. May ALLAH (swt) guide you to the straight path, amen

      • Correction it is in the hadith (oral sayings )of our messenger (saw)

  5. Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters,

    Firstly i’m like to congrats all of the da’wah team that surprising me by ur spirit of da’wah in the non-muslim contry…
    as i’m from Malaysia and now studying in Jordan (islamic studies. shariah). I’m proud of all of u.
    Differently surrounding in Jordan where i’m studying now…here lack of da’wah effort to encourage muslim in following Prophet Muhammad, as their people also not practically islam completely. I’m talking about arabic people especially and all muslim generally. This is the probelem in arabic country as they dominated by muslim.
    Actually what i’m going to convey is a hoping to get along with ur organisation especially and who knows we can make a link through all islamic organisation around the world based on what Prophet Muhammad said, ukhuwwah…hopefully islam will rise and our ukhuwwah will be thighten…
    -sincerely, khadim al-ilm-

  6. Very good. However, all the questions don’t seem to be completely answered. The information is too narrow. A lot of important argument and proofs could be added

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